We welcome you to the Korean War National Museum (KWNM). The Museum is the nationally-designated museum for the Korean War honoring the brave men and women who served. The Museum is far beyond a collection of war memorabilia and artifacts. It contains a collection of historically-significant pieces and supporting stories that bring to life a conflict that partnered nations from around the world to combat the expansion of Communism.

The sacrifice of over 1-million Koreans, 36,574 Americans and thousands of allied troops and support personnel is a large measure of how the free world viewed the expansion of oppressive and combative powers of China and North Korea prior to and during the Korean War. Since the Armistice in 1953 ending the combat, the world has kept a watchful eye on the 38th Parallel and South Korea’s neighbors to the north. The United States and our allies around the world stand united in the protection of the Korean Peninsula from further aggression. To this day, North Korea and South Korea have not signed a peace treaty officially ending the war between the two nations. 

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