The Korean War National Museum, Library, and Cultural Center maintains its presence conveniently and centrally-located within the US. Operations currently rely completely on donations to maintain the facility and continue to provide free admission.

The mission of the Museum is to honor the Korean War Veterans from the 22 participating United Nations member countries, educate future generations, preserve the history, and celebrate the tremendous success of the Republic of Korea after the War. It aims to tell not only the compelling stories of the War itself but to become a center for education, cultural exchange, and discussion.

Our continuing goal is to add a state-of-the-art facility located in New York City, enhancing the number of visitors and opportunities for people around the world to learn and explore.

The estimated total budget to equip, open, and operate the Museum is $35 million. Once completed, the Museum will integrate artifacts and exhibits currently housed in the Denis J. Healy Freedom Center in Springfield, Illinois and partner with other institutions and leading scholars to provide an unbiased and balanced recounting of the events leading up to, through, and after the Korean War. It will integrate the stories of the United States, South Korea, and the United Nations member countries that fought together for the freedom of the South Korean people.

In addition, the Museum will also include a Library and Cultural Center. The Library will be home to historic records and the core of the effort to preserve original documents and artifacts that were collected from the War. The Cultural Center will be open to the public and a key component of the Museum’s efforts to provide a dynamic and constantly evolving, programmatic facility.

Besides being a place where the community can come to learn about Korean history and culture, performance space and educational facilities will be open to youth and community organizations. We believe this will encourage cultural dialogue and the celebration of what can be accomplished in the spirit of freedom and cooperation.


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