Honor Roll

We are deeply grateful for the support given to the Korean War National Museum. The commitment to preserving the memory of the first conflict between freedom and democracy and Communism is inspiring.

The Honor Roll was created, first and foremost, to recognize Founding Members for exactly that kind of commitment and generosity.  A growing number of Americans are coming on board as Founding Members. Each will be publicly recognized not only on our website, but also physically onsite at the Museum itself.

Just as important as the names of our Founding Members, though, are the men and women they have chosen to honor when they sent their contributions.

It might be a buddy with whom you served – on a plane, aboard ship, in a foxhole. It might be your father, your brother, your uncle or your spouse – someone who came home to their family’s embrace or someone who never came home at all, having made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Or perhaps you honored your mother, your sister or your aunt. Millions of women served on the home front, overseas, and in harm’s way. Some women also made the ultimate sacrifice, and we could not have won the war without them.

So it is right and appropriate that, as our Founding Members’ Honor Roll has grown, we also list the names of those whom our Founding Members wish to honor.

Honor Roll

Cs1 Charles W Abbott GA
Cdr. Robert F Abels CA
Mr. Anthony W Accamando PA
Mr. Jon Acton IA
Mr. Paul Adamisen Gelio Villani
Mr. & Mrs. B. Adams NY
Mr. John Adams CO
Mr. Donald Adams MI
Mr. George R Adams WI
Mr. James H Adams AL Kevin Adams
Ms. Beverly Adams John Adams Jr.
Mr. Fred L Addison, Korean War Veteran
Mr. Edwin Adelman MD
Mr. Ralph G Agostini CA
Mr. Charles Ahn FL
Mr. Charles R Ahorn MO
Ms. Elizabeth G Akaka OK
Mr. Allen P Akey John Romanski
Mr. James Alcala CA
Mr. Robert Aldous NC
Lt. Elmer Alexander GA
Col. Edward R Allen MA
Mr & Mrs Easton Allen TX
Mr. Donald P Anctil CA
Mr. & Mrs. Elwood Anderson MN
Mr. Ralph D Anderson IL
Mr. Curt M Anderson VA
Ms. Margaret E Anderson NC
Mr. John Andresen WA
Dr. Edward L Andrews OH
Mr. Willis D Andrews NY
Mr. Charles R Andrews James E. Andrews
Mr. Donald J Angell FL
Mr. Joseph E Angell MI
Mr. Daniel F. Anglim VA
Mr. Ralph Aniol TX
SSgt. George S Archie FL
Capt. Billy C Ard GA
Mr. George Argotsinger CO
Mr. Clifford R Argyle UT
Mr. Donald Arick OH
Mr. Jerome A Arico NY
Ms. Janet R Arizumi HI
Mr. Chris R Armbrust Pvt-E-1 Christopherr J. Armbrust
Mr. Jerrel Arnold AR
Mr. Clyde W Arrington TX
Mrs. Pauline Arthurs Boyd W. Arthurs
Mr. Louie R Asencio CA
Mrs. Fae Ann Ask MN
Mr. Andrew A Asp ID
Mr. George D Aurand IL
Mr. Eugene E Aurelius MN
Mrs. Constance A Aust TX Dr. J. Bradley Aust
Mr. John F Austin CO
Mr. Owen D Austin OK
Mr. William B Austin TX
Lt. Col. Bobby R Avery Warren Wisdom
Mr. Joseph D Avila CA
Mr. Marvin Awbrey CA
Mr. John E Ayers IL
Mr. James Aylsworth NC
Mr. & Mrs. John T Babak Bernard Solovey
Col. Lester D Bacon IL
Mr. Kenneth W Badore NJ
Mr. Choong H Baick CA
Mr. Norman F Baier CA
Capt. George Bailey FL
Ync (Ss) Floyd F Bailey IL
Lt. Peter Bak AZ
Mr. Charles G Bakaly CA
Mr. David R Baker VT
Mrs. M. Kathleen Baldasaro John P. Harty, Donald V. Ripa, Gerald Roarke
Mr. Gerald Baldowin WI
Mr. James J Baldrighi VA
Mr. Paul R Ball FL
Mr. John W Ball KY
Mr & Mrs Buck Ballentine MO
Mr. Thomas H Bandel MN
Capt. Charles L Banjanin FL
Mr. Richard S Banovic MI
Mr. Ramiro G Barajas CA
Mr. Angelo J Barbato FL
Mr. Ralph Barksdale TX
Mr. Raymond D Barkus DE
Ms. Katherine M Barnash IL
Mr. Glenn Barnhart OH
GySgt Al J Baron KY
Dr. & Mrs. Francis E Barrett VA
Mr. Thomas R Barry CT
Mr. Floyd Bartlett TX
Mr. William A Bartz WI
Mr. Marvin Eugene Bass MO
Mr. Bob Bassett FL
Mr. Rocco J Battista USN FL
Mrs. Lavonna M Bauer Fred J. Bauer
Mr. Charles Baumann Major Lewis R Baumann
Mr. Ernest Baumgart TX
Mr & Mrs George Baxavaneos NJ
Ms. Carla Beachcomber-Lutz CA
Mr. Leo A Beauchemin MA
Mr. Wilfred C Beck TX
Ms. Margie A Becker NY
Mr. Harry Beckhoff NM
Ms. Marie Begeman MO
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Behm Joseph Behm and Albert Behm
Mr. Ralph Behner OH
Mr. Gary E Bell CO
Mrs. Louise M Bell NV
Mrs. Josephine Bellina NY
Mr. Allen V Belyea ND
Mr. B Boyd Benbow AZ
Mr. Sean Bendel John Bendel - Captain U.S.N.R.
BM1 Arthur Larue Bender CA
Mr. Jay L Benedict PA
Mr. John Bennett CA
Capt. Allen Benson CA
Mr. James F Bentley MI
Mr. Jay Beougher OH
Cdr. Frederick C Bereswill WA
Dr. Hans Bergstrom FL
Mr. Charles Berkeley Alan Larkin
Mr. Thomas Bernacchi CA
Mr. Harry G Bernier Harry G. Bernier
Mr. Charles Best NY
Mr. Charles Best Herbert Best
Mr. Leonard J Bettencourt CA
Ms. Leslie M Bialas AK
Mr. David Bialoglow NJ
Ms. Melinda Bibby Ray R Bibby
Mr & Mrs Bernard Biberdorf IN
Mr. James Bibler KS
Mr. Leslie N Bienstberger OH
Mrs. Dorothy Bierwagen Sherman S Seward
Mr. Clarence E Bilby OH
Mr. John Bilodeau ME
Ms. Faith Binns MI
Mr. William D Biser NH
Mr. Daniel L Bishop OH
Mr. Theodore Biskupiak CT
Mr. & Mrs. Almore M Blair MD
Mr. Roger Blakely OH
Mr. Robert O Blanchette FL
Dr. Maynard W Bland SC
Mr. Loren F Blass CO
Mr. John W Bligh NY
Mr. Henry Bliss FL
Mrs. Jack Bloomfield Jack K Bloomfield
Mr. Richard Boehmer Richard W. Boehmer
Mr. Harold J Boening NY
Mr. John L Bohrer NE
Mr. Roger John Boileau MI
Mr. Darrell H Bolich OK
Mr. Gary D Bone IL
Mr. & Mrs. James Bonk CA
Mr. Allen R Boone Allen R. Boone
Mr. James Bortree FL
Mr. Robert F Bos CA
Mr. Raymond Bosch OH
Mr. Charles A Boschert MO
Lt. Bradford R Boss FL
Ms. Elaine Bossert OR
Mr. George Bottarini CA
Mr. Paul H Bouchard Henry F. Bouchard
Mr. Manuel A Bov AL
Mr. Tom Bowden Lyle G. Bowden
Mr. Donald E Bowen MA
Mrs. Janetta Bowman Bennie Allen
Mr. F Brian Boycott MI
Mr & Mrs Michael Boyd CA
Mr. Kenneth Boyer AZ
Mr. Etha T. Boykin MD
Mr. Joseph Bracken FL
Mr. Douglas M Bradley MA
Mr. William C Bradshaw CA
Mr. Walter L Branch KS
Mr. Joe Brandt CA
Mr. James Brandt WI
Mr. Ulmer Brannan Leonard B Harris
Mr. Jack E Braswell GA
Mr. Raymond Bratschi PA
Ms. Patricia A Brejcha My husband Mathias Brejcha
Mr. James R Brennan NY
Mr. Floyd A Brethour FL
Major Norman Bretschneider VA
Mr. Norvin A Brewer KY
Mr. David Brewer OH
Mr. George C Briggs WA
Ms. Beverly J Briggs IL Richard K. Briggs
Col. & Mrs F. G Brigham MA
Mr. Thomas J Brigham MA
Mr. Michael Briney KS
Mr. Donald G Broadhurst CT
Ms. Virginia Brodt PA
Mr. William L Bronson CO
Mr. Vernon W Brown NC
Mr. Denis A Brown OR
Mr. Paul Browning Dickey FL
SCPO/SKC Alden Brownlee CO
Mr & Mrs Thomas M Broyles TX
Mr. Gordon W Bruchner WA
Mr. Jack Brumwell CA
Mr. Allen D Bruner NV
Mr & Mrs Frank Bruno CA
Mr & Mrs James F Brussow FL
Mr. Robert L Bruton NJ
Mrs. Yvonne Bryant AZ
Ms. Astrid Bucca Sgt. Emil Samuelson, USMC
Mr & Mrs Nelson Bucci PA
Mr. Ray C Buckner MO
Mr. Roger P Buffington IA
Mr. Carl A Buffone OH
Mr. Charles Bules Rowdy Bateman
Mr. Jennings B Bunch Jr. PA
Mr. R A Buol FL
Mr. Francis A Burghardt CA
Mr. Clifford Burhans MI
Mr. Mitch Burke MA
Mr. William D Burke MA
Mrs. Maureen Burke IN
Mrs. Frances D Burke OH
Col. Clark A Burnett AL
Mr. Edward C Burns CA
Mr. E. George Burr CA
Mr. Leslie L Burt MN
Ms. Margaret Burt NE
Mr & Mrs Robert Busch NJ
Ms. Gale D Buss PA
Ms. Myrna Busse CA
Mr. Lauren Bussey CO
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Buttner FL
Mr. Patrick L Buxton CA
Mr. Mike Cafagna IL
Mrs. Sandra J Caffery NY
Col. Joseph Calamari NY
Mr. Joseph J Calandro CA
Ms. Elizabeth A Caldwell MD
Maj & Mrs Charles E Callahan NY
Mr & Mrs Herman E Callahan KS
Mr. Drury Callahan TX
Mr. Martin J Callaway WI Robert L Young
Mr. Errol Callaway Errol J. Callaway
Ms. Mary G Camarillo Mary Camarillo
Mr. James P Campbell GA
Mr. Roger Campbell MA
Mr. Troy Campbell MD
Ms. Nancy H Campbell VA
Ms. Shirley M Campbell Wilton Bryan Mcearl
Mr. Frank Candiano NJ
Mr & Mrs John Cannon AZ
Mr. Nugent J Cantileno NY
Mr. Michael Caplinger WI
Mr. L.Frank Caponiti Malcolm Daniel Caponiti
Rev. Emmanuel M Capozzelli NJ
Mr. Michael Carey NY
Mrs. Robert Carey Cpl. Lewis T. Volk, Korea 1951 MIA
Mr. Allen Carey, Sr. Albert Spencer
Mr. Mark Carl George W.H. Carl
Mr. Arthur Carlen FL
Mr. Archie S Carlotto MI
Mr. Wayne E Carlson MN
Mr. Vincent J Carpino NY
Mr. P I Carraway VA
Mr. Ralph Carreras LA
Ms. Nancy J Carrouth Norman Carrouth
Mr. Robert O Carter NJ
Mr. Carlos Carter TX
Mr. James E Carter TX
Mr. Ray Carter CA
Ms. Dorothy J Carter TN
Mr. Raymond Caskey NY
Mr. Robert T Casoli MA
Mr. S. Cassati NJ
Ms. Henry O Casteel Henry O Casteel
Mrs. Margo C Casto Don H. Casto
Dr. Ann B Catts HI
Mr. Patrick Cerra NJ
Mr. Ned L Chambers CA
Mrs. Dorothy F Chambers Harrison F. Chambers
Mr. Stanley Chapin CA
Mr. Edward Chapman Herman Robert Wesling
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J Chelte MA
Mr. Vincent T Chen IL
Ms. Annie Chen CA
Mr. Harold R Chesson MA
Mr. William N Chew William N. Chew
Mr. Curtis Chewning OH
Mr. Clifford R Christel NV
Mrs. Joseph J Christiana LA
Mr. Paul Christiansen IN
Mr. Dan F Chupp Daniel "f" Chupp
Mr. Avery G Church NC
Mr. Ronald Ciaci NY
CWO-4 Carlo Ciasullo RI
CWO Carlo Ciasullo III USA Ret Carlo Ciasullo III
Mr. Cyrus Circle OH
Mr. Thomas J Clark AL
Mr. Ralph E Clark FL
Mr. Martin Clark OR
Mr. Richard G Clark PA
Mr. Robert Clark VT
Mr. Charles H Clarke OH
Mr. Tim Clarkson AL
Mr. Michael W Claus MN
Mrs. Gary W Clausen NY
Ms. Elizabeth H Clements Calvin J. Clements
Mrs. Francine Clerc Louis Robert Clerc
Mr. Robert Clifford FL
Ms. Barbara A Clifford TX
Mr. Robert Clifford Pfc Daniel Colello
Mr & Mrs Robert Clifton OH
Mr. James P Clifton AR
Ms. Janet M Clinger MI
Mr. John H Clinkscales TX
Mr. Richard Coate NY
Mr. Ronald Cobb TX
Mrs. Barbara Cobb MA
Mr. Richard Coblens SC
Mr. Benny Cochran Benny L. Cochran
Mr. J.Terrence Cody IN
Dr. Peter F Cohn NY
Mr. Anthony R Colangelo CT
Mr. Stanley T Colburn HI
Mr. Everett P Coleman TX
Mr. Martin Coleman CA
Ms. Shirley J Collie IL
Mr. Thad Collum NY
Mr & Mrs Gerald Colson CO
Ms. Shirley J Collie My late husband - A Korean War Veteran
Lt. Col. Norman F Comly Usaf Ret 1st Lt Sam S. Coursen, Madison, NJ
Mr. Vern Conk CA
Ms. Patricia Connaughton NY
Mr. Joseph Connolly MA
Ms. Martha J Conrad IL
Mr. Edward Consalvi FL
Mrs. Phyllis H Contrearas Ernest E. Contrearas
Mr. Howard Cook AR
Mr. Wayne Cook MN
Mr. Tommy Cook TX
Ms. Edna V Cools CA
Mr. John C Cooper AZ
Mr. Donald Cooper NJ
Mr. Gary D Cooper WI
Mr. Franklin J Cooper MA
Mrs. Margery G Cordts Harry J. Cordts
Mrs. Rae Cosca CA
Mr. Raymond P Costello CO
Mr. & Mrs. David G Cotts VA
Mr. Joseph F Covaleski Stanley A. Covaleski
Mr. Robert B Covalt IL
Mr. Steven Leroy Covey OR
Mr. Francis S Coyle DE
Mr. Eugene P Coyle KS
Mr. James W Coyne CO
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cozy OH
Mr. James A Crescenzi NJ
Mr. William R Crim TX
Mr. Glenn Cross CA
Ms. Diane J Crowson MN
Mr. William Crowther RI
Mr. Maurice C Cullen All The Heros'
Mr. Paul G Culp TX
Mr. Kenneth D Cunningham AZ
Capt. John F Curran CA
Mr. James Currie MA
Mr. Gary Currier UT
Mr. Norbert E Cygan CO
Ms. Laura S Dabundo Leonard N. Dabundo
Mr. Dennis M Dalton FL
Dr & Mrs Patrick Damore NY
Mr. Alfred D'Angelo PA
Col. Roswell Daniels IL
Mr. Rayford H Danley AL
Mr. Donald F Darke MI
Lt. Col. Robert R Darron CA
Mr. W. Dau Wynne C Day Jr.
Mr. Eugene Daub CA
Col. William H Davenport TX
Mr. John Davies TN
Mr. Emlyn Davies TX
Mr. Emlyn Davies Emlyn Davies
Mr & Mrs Duane M Davis FL
Mr. Gwynne D Davis MD
Mr. Robert F Davis NC
Mr. Richard L Davis SC
Ms. Vera E Davis MO
Mr. Edward L Davis Combat Vet TN
Mr. W Day CA
Mr. Randall C Day KY
Mr. Joseph De Bretto IL
Mr. Donald De Costa Anne De Costa
Mr. Gerald R De Flippo NY
Mr. Gilbert De La Pena CA
Major John D De Martini VA
Mr. Francis J De Rosa CT
Mr. Denis J De Santis NY
Mrs. Shirley T Deal Mr. Virgil K. Deal
Mr. Fred Deanna OH
Mr. Ion V Deaton MD
CSM Leonard Deavers PA
Mr. Michael Debost CA
Ms. Philomena Decarlo Walter Renna
Mr. Maurice E Decker NY
CSM Richard P Dedinas MA
Mr. Joseph Deets PA
Mr. Thomas A Dekker IL
Mr. Arthur J Del Buono VA Robert Del Buono
Ms. Lois J Delfelder Lee Jones
Mr. Salvatore Dellapietro CT
Mr. Philip J Demichele PA
Mr. Richard Deming CA
Dr. Charles Denaburg TN
Mr. Erwin A Dence WA
Mr & Mrs Robert L Denton NY
Mr. George Deordio NY
Mr. Donald M Desch OH
Mr. Daniel Desiderio PA
Mr. John P Desmond FL
Mr. Matthew Dever Bill D. Dever
Mr & Mrs Jim Di Julio WA
Mr. John V Di Palermo NY
Mr. Orlando Di Rienzo NJ
Mr. Manuel Diaz OK
Mr. William H Diehl PA
Mr. Joseph Difranco IL
Ms. Alice Dillenberg WI
Mr. John A Dillingham MO
Mr. William J Dillon PA
Mr. Dominick Diorio NY
Mr. Arnold Dischler IA
Mrs. Estelle M Disselhorst Thomas G. Mannos
Mr. Youngsok S Do NJ
Mr. Joseph Dobrowolski Charles Rusak
Ms. Margaret Doermann Pvt Lavern E Doermann
Ms. Maureen Doerrler MA
Mr. Pierre E Domond NY
Mr. Larry Donaleski GA
Mr. Joseph E Donohue NY
Mr. Jeremiah Donovan MA 1
Ms. Ann Doolen IL
Mr. Joseph S Dossen Donald Segner
Ms. Melita L Downing WI
Mrs. Jean O Draeger WI Rosmer V Draeger
Mr. William C Draper NJ
Mr. Paul J Drobny WI
Mr. Peter Du Fosse CA
Mr. Robert J Duanne OR
Mr. Dan Duchak IL
Mr. Beverley C Duer NY
Mr. Richard Dugan GA
Lt. Col. William Duncan CA
Mr. Minard Duncan CA
Mr. Franklin Duncan FL
Mr. Michel Dunia CA Mr. Larry Wilkins
Mr. J Ray Dunn GA
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dunn Daniel Dunn
Mr. John C Dupree OH
Ms. Harvilline Duprey Leslie Carlton Snoddy
Mr. Glen Durrington CA
Mr. Harry B Dye Harry B Dye
Mr. F Owen Eagan CT
Lt. Col. James Eastwood IL C.M. "Jack" Eastwood Jr.
Mr. Carl H Eberle NC
Mr. Gerard Ecker NY
Mr. Constantino Economos NY
Mr. Stanley O Eddington IL
Cmdr. William P Eddy ME
Mrs. R. R Eder IN
Mr & Mrs James Edmonds AZ
Mr. Dean L Edwards KS
Mr. Thomas Egan CA
Mr. Carl R Eggers IA
Mrs. Ann B Eggers Dave Lewis Munson
Mr. Brad Eischens TX
Mrs. Janice Eldridge Harold Varney
Mr. Otis M Ellenburg GA
Mr. Donald M Elliott MO
Mr. Mark E Elliott NC
Ms. Carolyn Elworthy WA Lt.Col. Edward K. Cleveland
Mr. Joseph Emanuel NC
Mr. Philip S Engelhardt WI
Mr. Bernard B Engle MN
Mr. Joseph M Ephremian FL
Mr. Richard H Epler PA
Mr. Dale E Erdman PA
Mr. Kenneth Erickson IL
Mr. & Mrs. Eleanor Ernest CA Husband
TMC(Ss) Harry B Ervin VA
Mr & Mrs Emilio Estela NY Ramon Luis Ayala Sr. and Miguel Amezquita
Ms. Kimberly Eubanks AL
Ms. Kimberly Eubanks James M Eubanks
Mr. George P Evans NC
Mr. James H Evans PA
Ms. Arlene Evans IN Capt Wm E. Lazzader, Died 7/15/1953
Mr. Roman E Faliskie MD
Mr. Michael Fangman IA
Mr. Joe Fannon Kenny and Jack Fannon
Mr. Ronald Faraci IA
Mr & Mrs William Farrell NJ
Ms. Margaret Farrell James Lauth
Ms. Shirley Fasolt NC
Mr. Joseph Fassano NY
Major David P Faulkner NV
Mr. Donald Fechtner WI
Dr. Robert Federman TX
Mr. Merlin A Feigley MI
Mr. Larry Feinstein FL
Mrs. Oveda Feliks MI
Mr. Leopold Feliu CT
Ms. Teresa Fellers Albert G.(Bud)
Ms. Ruby Fercho CA Gordon E. Fercho
Miss Jane Ferencik NY
Col. James T Ferguson MD
Mr. Vincenzo Ferraro MA
Mr. Dale A Fester CO
Mrs. Betty Fetty FL
Mr. Irwin Fieldman IL
Mr. Edward C Fink MA
Mr. Frederick Fink OH
Mr. James Fischer IN
Mr & Mrs Norman L Fisher KS
Mr. Clayton Fisher MD
Mr. Scott Fitzgerald CA
Mr. James M Fitzpatrick GA
Mr. Thomas E Fitzsimmonds FL
Mr. Jim Fitzsimon FL
Mr. John J Flaherty MA
Mr. Martin J Flaum Norman E. Flaum
Ms. Willis R Fleming Willis R Fleming
Mr & Mrs Doug Fletcher MI
Mr. Harold Flud NJ
Mr. Donald Foehr MI
Mr. Timothy G Fogarty AZ
Mr. Richard Fogle CA
Mrs. Margaret Foley Robert C Foley
Lt. Col. Fred R Fonck AZ
Mr. Richard Fonner PA
Ms. Rosemarie Foord OH
Mr. Charles S Forbes MD
Capt. & Mrs John H Ford NC
Mr & Mrs Joseph Ford FL
Mr. Henry N Forrest NH
Mr. David L Foster TX
Mr. Charles M Foster Sgt. Lloyd R. Cornwell Pow 33 Months
Mrs. Margaret Francis AL
LCDR Dale H Fraser CA
Mr. Kenneth C Frdericks Jr. MD
Mr. William Frees GA
Mr. Ronald Freese Charles E. Freeser
Mr. Richard A Friedemann FL
Ms. Anna V Fry PA
Mr. John Fuller ME
Ms. Kathy Furey MI
Mr. Maurice B Furlong IA
Mr & Mrs Fred Furuta CA
Mr. Norman E Gaar Esq KS
Mr. Jimmie Gabbert AZ
Mr. Robert Galante NV
MSgt. Alexander Galbraith USA PA
Mr. Arturo Galindo, Jr. Hector Galindo
Mr. John V Gallagher CA
Mr. Donald Galloway MD
Mr. Russell A Gallup NY
Mr. James F Gamble AL
Mr. Nicholas A Gandolfo CT
Mr. William Ganem TX
Mr. Clifford A Gangwish NE
Mr. Donald Garland CA
Mr. Melvin Garrett MD
Mr. Floyd W Garrison MD
Mr. Robert A Garritano IL
Mr. Henry A Gartner GA
Ms. Eugenia Gatcheff IL
Mr. Sam Gattinella NH
Mr. Roger M Gaulden NY
Mr. H. F Gehrlach NJ
LCDR Neil F Geis USN(Ret) CA
Mr. Walter H Gelinas AK
Ms. Christine Gencarella CA
Ms. Christine Gencarella Malcolm K. Gatherer
Mr. James F Gendron RI
Mr. Joseph A Genovese NJ
Mr & Mrs John R Gentile NY
Mr. Lawrence George AZ
Mr. Joseph H George MO
Mr. Clarence M George FL
Ms. Marie George NY
Mr. Eugene L Gerard MO
Mr. Kenneth G Gerg William "bill" Weis
RAdm. Harry E Gerhard PA
Mr. & Mrs. B. Gerstmayr NJ
Mr. Bernard Gervais MI
Mr. Bernard Gervais VA
Mr. George R Gibb NJ
Mr. Donald E Gibbs SC
Mr. Ralph A Giberson CA Ernest Giberson
Mr. Richard A. Gilbert NH
CWO Oliver W Gilbert Ret. Art Payne Richmond Ky
Mrs. John Gilbertson IL
Mr & Mrs William Gilfillan MD
Mr. Joseph Gill VT
Mr. Daniel Gilman Jerome C. Petersen S/Sgt. U.S.M.C.
Mrs. Winston J Gintz MO
Mr. Kenneth M Giordan Kenneth Giordan
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Girt OH
Mr. Vert Gish IL
Mr. Donald C Gisick KS
Mr. John A Giuliano FL
Mr. Don Glasell IL
Mr. Michael Glavina NJ
Mr. James J Gleason MT
Mr. Jerry R Goad TX
Capt. Forrest D Goetschius CA
Ms. Dorothy I Goetze IL
Ms. Suzanne K Gold MO
Mr & Mrs Thomas R Golden CA
Mr. Mark H Goldman DE
Mr. Charles Gonzales TX
Mr. Donald G Goodwin CA
Mr. Earl C Goodwin TX
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gordiski CT
Mr. Edgar J Gordon MD
Mr. Peter F Gordon NY
Ms. Gloria A Gordon Carlos Joe Aguilar Seaman Ist Class
Mr. Jordan Gorell CA
Mr. Horace P Gormley NJ
Mr. Caesar J Gorski Donald Palmer USMC
Mr. Stanley L Gosc FL
Mr. Richard L Gotelli CA
Mr & Mrs Carl L Gowler IL
Ms. Pamela V Grabe PA
Ms. Hortence Grace TX
Mr & Mrs Kurt Graeber NM
Mr. & Mrs. Roger K Graham NJ
Mr. Charles Graham CA
Mr. David L Grana TX
Mr. Donald E Grant FL
Mr. Kenny Grant Glenn C. Grant
Mr. Gene Gray WV
Ms. Frances Gray CA
Mr & Mrs Brian Green IL
Mrs. Carol Green Kenneth R Green
Mr. Joseph F Greene NJ
Mrs. Margaret A Greenwod CO
Mr. John G Gregory MD
Mr. Kenneth J Greguski NY
Mr. Georege H Grelle MO
Ms. Norma G Grene Darrell L. Green
Mr. Carl M Grenn VA
Mr. Edward L Grewe IL
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L Gribble Hardin Ramsay
Mr. Robert B Grider CA
Mr. Robert B Grider Sr. Ernest Caldwell
Mr. Gerald C Griffin CA
Ms. Janet Griffin Robert Griffin
Mr. Fred Griffith NC
Mrs. Anne Grix FL
Mrs. Anne Grix Robert Grix
Mr. Stephen P Grogean OH
Mr. Henry J Grojean IL
Mr. Alfred J Groos FL
Mr. Joseph Gruca PA
Mr. Cliff Grummert CA
Mr. Roger R Grundy James Henry Daniel
Dr. Joseph A Gryson CA
Mr. Frank Guagliardo LA
Ms. Sandra A Gualano FL Egidio Gualano
Mr. Frank V Guarino NY
Mr. Santo Gubitti WV
Mr. Greg Gubler PA
Mrs. Ruth Guenther OH
Ms. Dorothy Guiheen John T. Guiheen USN
Mrs. Kathleen A Guiliano Saverro M Le Pizzo
Mr. Gerald A Guiton PA
Ms. Sheryl Gulley KS
Mr. Joseph Gullotta NY
Col. Theodore E Gump OR
Mr. Albert Gutierrez IL
Mr. Don Gutknecht WI
Mr. Donald Guy CA
Mr. Richard Haas IL
Mr. Victor J Haas PA
Mr. Elmer Hacker MO
Dr. George L Haffner FL
Mr. Edwin Hafner ND
Ms. Dorothy A Hagan MD
Ms. Jacqueline I Haines CT
Ms. Lori T Hale-Barrett MO
Col. Donald Hall MD
Mr. James H Hall GA
Mr. Michael Hallier OH
Mr. Robert L Ham IL
Mr. John F Hamilton IL
Mr. James Hamilton NJ
Mr. Neil Hamilton Neil Armstrong, Clint Eastwood, Lloyd Forest Hamilton
Mrs. Jean M Hamilton James S. Hamilton
Mr. Duane Hammerstrom TX
Mr. Harold T Hammons KY
Mr & Mrs Robert Hamrick TX
Mr. Philip Hancock CO
Mr. Thomas Hand CO
Mr. Herbert D Hannagan IL
Ms. Wilma I Hanner AR
Ms. Phyllis C Hanno NY
Mr. Howard J Hansen CA
Mr. John W Hardison OK
Mr. Leslie F Harmon NV
Lt. Col. Norman D Harms CA
Mr. Dwayne Harms Dwayne K. Harms
Ms. Penelope Harper Ronald H. Herring
Mr. Richard E Harris AL
Mr. Robert W Harrison FL
Mr. William E Hartley WA
Mr. John D Hartup OR
Mr. James Harvey CA
Mr. Willis Harvey FL
Mr. William E Harvey PA
Mr. John S Harvey MA
Ms. Alma Hass WA
Mr. Robert D Hauck NY
Mr. Thomas D Hawk CA
Mr. Timothy Hawks Byron T. Hawks
Mr. Ronald Wesley Hayes CA
Ms. Ilene Hayes OR
Ms. Ilene Hayes Captain John F. Hayes
Mr. Robert Hecht CT
Mr. Kevin Hediger Edward H. Gedigen (1952-56)
Mr. James E Hefner Cpl. Ivan F. Hefner
LTC Robert E Hein DE
SSgt Lawrince R Heinrich TX
LTC Andrew E Helms TX
Sgt. Carole Henderson IL
Sir Benjamin Hendrickson, Ph.D. Sir Benjamin Hendrickson, Ph.D.
Mr. Robert Henn IN
Mr. Wilbert A Henry MD
Mr. George P Henry NY
Mr. Albert L Hensley NC
Col. Leo A Hergenroeder VA
Mr. Robert Hermanson FL
Mr. Frank Hermoso CA
Mr. Paul E Hernandez CA
Mr. Kenneth E Herrmann MO
Ms. Marjorie A Herzig In Memory Of Calvin John Herzig
Mr. Robert Hesdra NJ
Mr. Edward W Hiaeshutter MI
Mr. John P Hicks MI
Mrs. Marjorie A Hicks IN
Mr. Richard E Higgins, Jr. FL
Mr. Howard C Hilgendorf WI
Lt. Col. Joe S Hilliard Lt. Col. Joe S. Hilliard
Mr. Richard Himes WV
Mr. Billy R Hinson NC
Mr. Robert S Hirst NJ
Mr. Walter Hish ME
Mr. Donald G Hjelle TN
Mr. Larry K Hoekstra MN
Mr & Mrs Lucien Hoey MN
Mr. Howard Hoffman NJ
Mrs. Walter F Hoffman CT
Mrs. Jo Ann Hofhine WI
Mr. Glen E Hollister IA
Mr. Frederick H Holser NV
Mr. James Honeycutt NC
Ms. Juanita Honeyman OK
Mr. Donald G Hooker OH
Mr. Herbert Hooper Frank Harry Howard III
Mr. Clarence L Hopkins IL
Mr. Neil Hopkins TX
Mr. Milton Horowitz NY
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Horstkamp Sr. Sr. Cpl. John F. Shadel, KIA July 8, 1952
Mrs. Carol Horton WA
Mrs. Carol Horton Maj. Murray E. Horton, Ret.
Mr. Harold H Hougardy CA
Mr. Charles Housley AR
Mr. John Houston Houston Yeiah MD
Mr. Roger E Hovde NE
Mr. Ralph L Howell OH
Mr. James T Howell TN
Mr. Lloyd Hudson NC
Mr. C Bernard Huesing IN
Capt. Herbert H Hughes NM
CMSgt Robert A Hughes FL
LCDR Charles E Hughes TX
Mr & Mrs John Hughes CA
Mr & Mrs Jerry Hughes CA
Mrs. Nancy R Hughes VA
Mr. William W Hughes Lt. Willia W. Hughes
Mr. Ron Hults Phil Maier
Mr. Harry L Humes NJ
Mr. Donald R Hunt AK
CSM Robert Hunter CA
Ms. Carlton Hunter WY
Mr. Orby L Hurless FL
Mrs. Diana L Hurley OK
Sgt. L G Hurrelbrinck PA
Mr. Roger C Hurst CA
Mr. Richard Hussey MA
Mr. Raymond Hutson IL
Mr & Mrs John T Hyler NY
Mrs. Eileen M Hyler John A. Hyler
Mr. Angelo A. Iantosca NJ
Mr. Robert Imbrogno PA
Mr. Louis Imhof NY
Mr. Brent Ingrum TN
Mr. Paul M Ivins Barry Green
Ms. Shirley I Jackett NY
Col. Jesse P Jacobs NM
Mr. Ford Jacobs KY
Mr. George P Jacobs MN
Mr. Gene Jacoby SD
Mr. Stanley Jaffe OH
Mr. Donald Jaffe PA
SSgt John C James IL
Mr. James Jamieson FL
Mr. Frank Janicke TX
Mr. Francis Jankowski PA
Mr. Thomas J Janssen MN
Mr. Robert W Jaskowak WI
Mr & Mrs David Jensen MN
Mr. Harry W Jensen CA
Mr. Loren A Jensen TX
Mr. Andrew M Jergens USAF T/Sgt. Leonard C. Richardson
Mrs. Oleta Jerome ME
Mr. Frederick Jesko WI
Mr. Chester R Jewiarz MI
Ms. Shirley Johns NY
Mr. Leonard Johnson CA
Mr. Hjalmar Johnson IL
Mr. Thomas E Johnson IL
Mr. Verne D Johnson IN
Mr. Harold C Johnson MA
Mr. Myers L Johnson OH
Mr. W. Ronald Johnson FL
Mrs. Margaret Johnson CT
Mrs. Mary T Johnson Joseph Anthony Johnson
Mr. Murray Johnston PA
Mrs. Gwendolyn V Johnston PA
Ms. Karlynn K Johnston OH
Mr. John M Joldersma CA
Dr. Ralph E Jones TX
Mr. Charles E Jones CA
Mr. Ovid C Jones MA
Mr. George B Jones SC
Mr. Calvin Jones Calvin H. Jones
Mr. Richard C Joseph FL
Col. James H Joy PA
Mrs. Judith N Joyce NY
Mr. Charles Joyner William Joyner
Mr. Albert Juanitas CA
Mr. Bruce Judd NV
Mr. Walter K Junge OH
Mr. Leland Junker MS
General Albert J Kaehn VA
Mr. Morris Kagan TX
Mr. Michael M Kalis MD
Ms. Audrey L Kalkstine MI
Mr. William F Kamin WA
Ms. Shirley Kane Albert D Kane Jr.
Mr. Jon Kaskin VA
Mrs. Maureen E Kaufmann Ralph E. Kaufmann
Ms. Peggy O Kauh NY
Mr. William S Kautsky NY
Mr. David D Kays CA
Mr. William Keeler KS
Mrs. Doreen H Keen FL
Mr. Dennis Keenan NY
Mr. William Keers 1st Lt. William H. Keers, Jr.
Mr. Richard Kehmna NJ
Mr. George Keil PA
Mr. Jay Keinard PA
Mrs. Alice M Kelder NY
Mr. Leroy E Keller MT
Mr. Dole J Kelley FL
Dr. Frank Kellogg CA
Mr. Charles A Kelly MI
Mr. Martin E Kelly MA
Mr. Thomas F Kelly TX
Mr. Morris Kendrick AL
Mr. Brian Keogh AZ
Mr. Brian Keogh Robert Keogh
Mr. Robert Kernehan NY
Mr. Chester Kesler CA
MSgt. Donald T Kestler Sr. USMC Msgt. Donald T. Kestler Sr. Usmc Ret.
Cpl. A. V Kettler MO
Mr. Walter Kieseling SC
Mr. Ronald Kiessling OH
Mr. Robert J Killeen NH
Dr. Donald C. W Kim HI
Mr. Ed K Kim CA
Mr. Michael D Kim CA
Mr. Young N Kim VA
Mr. Anthony S Kim Charles Kim
Mr. Byung J Kim Byung-Doo, Kim
Mr. Donald H Kim Myung-Soo Kim
Capt. Allen King FL
Lt. John Bever King ID
Mr. Maxwell C King FL
Mr. Jarold King MI
Mr. Basil K King MS
Mr. Billy King TX
Mr. Henry King MD
Mr. William R Kinnunen MI
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Kiralla CA
Mr. Roger Kirkpatrick TX
Mr. Tom H Kishimoto UT
Mr. Ahto Kivi VA
Mrs. Elizabeth R Klebe PA
Mr. William Klimik NJ
Mr. Frank H Kline OR
Mr. James R Kline AZ
Ms. Susan Klosinski Frank Klosinski, Korean War Veteran
Mr. Robert J Knabel AZ
Mr. H. H Knickerbocker CA
Mr. Dave Knoche NJ
Mr. George B Knoll PA
Mr. Lawrence J Kobashigawa HI
Mr. Arthur Koehler GA
Mr. George Kolasa Cpl. Ronald A. Kolasa
Mr. Barnett Kolton IL
Ms. Katherine G Kopp CA
Mr. Eugene H Korzym MI
Mr. Raymond W Kosten CA
Mr. Glenn Krabbenhoft NE
Ms. Shirley Kraus KY
Mrs. Alice Y Kraus Walter R. Kraus
Mr. Peter Krausch FL
Mr. Ronald Krauss FL
Ms. Lucille Kreamer Sgt. John F. Kreamer, Sr. Korean War Veteran 3rd Infantry Division 1950-195
Mr. Paul C Kreitler PA
Mrs. Katherine Kriger TX
Mr. Eugene Krouse NV
Mr. William L Kruger AK
Mr. Robert Krull CO
Mr. Ned W Krumrey Maurice W Krumrey
Mr. Robert L Kruse CA
Mr. Stanley Kuchno NJ
Mr. Ben Kuduk CA
Mr. & Mrs. Cliff & Audrey Kuehl WI
Mr. Alfred P Kuehlewind CA
Dr. Ivan Kuhl TX
Ms. Debbie Kull NJ
Mr. Robert Kummins FL
Mr. Frank Kupper NJ
Mr. Richard Kurtz NJ
Mr. Ralph M Kurzydlo IL
Mr. Kevin Kussow WI
Mr. Robert La Vine CA
Ms. Elizabeth Labbe FL
Mr. Thomas H. Laity TX
Mr. William E Landfair MD
Major Ronald Lane CA
Mr. George Langley NY
Mr. Clarence Langley NY
Mrs. Corinne F Langley VA
Mr. August Lanzotti NY
Mr. Thomas P Lardner WA
Mr. Manuel I Large CA
Mr. Paul Laskovich OH
Mr. Jeff Lauzon Don Rutledge
Mr. John Laymam TX
Mr. Michael Layman Edward J. Layman Jr.
Mr. Roger W Le Goff NY
Mr. Stephen Leader WA
Mrs. Joan Leader FL
Mr. William Leaman Sr Those Who Have Fought For Korean's Freedom
Mr. James E Lee NY
Mr. Young Lee NJ
Mr. Sung W Lee Sung W. Lee
Mr. William Leech MI
Mr & Mrs Jim Leet MI
Mr. Glenn R Legg CO
Mr. Paul E Lehman PA
Mr. Albert T Lenny WA
Mr. & Mrs. Laverne Lentz IA
Mr. Foster Leonard FL
Mr. William L Leonard MA
Mr. Robert A Lessenberry KY
Mr. Richard A Lethe TX
Mr. Vernon J Lev IL
Mr. Stanley Levin FL
Mr. Daniel S Levy PA
Capt. Robert S Lewellen NH
Mr. Richard E Lewis CA
Mr. Peter A Lewis FL
Mr. John E Lewis MD
Mr. Ronald M Lewis CA
Dr. Rudolfo B Leyva CA
Mr. John K Liapis MN
Ms. Cordella Liddell CA
Mr. Herman Lieberman NJ
Mr. James W Light FL
Mr. Richard K Lim NY
Mr. Richard B Limbacher CT
Mr. Karl E Limner NY
Mr. Frank A Lindkvist TX
Mr. Cecil E Lines MO
Major Thomas F Linnen USAr Ret FL
Ms. Betty Linnet OK
Mrs. Ellen S Litchfield FL
Mr. Bert Liverance NC
Mr. Robert Livingston Cpl. John A Livingston & MSgt. Max Livingston
Mrs. Peggy Lobb Carl Lobb
Mr. John B Locicero John B Locicero
Sgt. James Robert Locker PA
Mr. Rosalie A Lohenry IL
Mr. Floyd Long OH
Mr. Johhny Lopez CA
Mr. Frank J Loprest Td and John Loprest
Mr. William L Lord MD
Ms. Helen Love OK
Mr. Verland A Loveland MI
Ms. Ilene Loveless MI
Ms. Patricia A Low VA
Mr. Ronald D Lowe KS
Mr. Frederick G Lowrey NC
Mr. Jules Lucas MO
Mr. Paul E Luckett J.B. Luckett, Corp. 7th Cav., 1st Cav. Division, KIA 10-3-1951
Mr. Gerald Lukaszewskyj IL
Mr. Richard Luko WI
Ms. Evalee Lundy AZ
Ms. Vera E Lundy Memory Of Duane S Lundy
Mr. Richard C Lunn IN
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lunt CA
Mr. Verlyn Luther IL
Mr. Daniel B Lutz NE
Mrs. Mary E Lyczak John Lyczak
Mr. Mark Lynch CA
Mr. Thomas E Lynch MD
Mr & Mrs Merrill Lynn NY
Mr. John W Lyon FL
Mr & Mrs Glenn R Lytle PA
Mr. Murdo A Mac Lennan CO
Mr. T. A Macdonald VA
Mr. Wendell A Macejak MO
Mr. Howard A Mackey NY
Mr. & Mrs. Albert R Madeiros MD
Mr. George Mader NM
Mr. Samuel C Maffei NJ
Mr. Steve Mahan PA
Mrs. Margaret E Mahoney IN
Mr. Joseph T Maier Paul McLaughlin
Mr. Maurice Malin NY
Mr. Larry Malone AZ
Mrs. Joanne Manchester MT
Mrs. Joanne Manchester Paul Donald Wold
Mr. Gene M Mandel CA
Mr. Nick Mango CT
Mr. Frank L Manko CA
Mr. Alfred S Mannella FL
Sgt. Raymond Mannor GA
Mr. Francis Marchal VA
Mr. James E Marchert Cpl.Fred J. Marchert U.S. M.C.
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Marcus LA
Mr. Arthur Mardon NY
Mr. Francis Marinaro NY
Mr. John Marinaro NY
Mr. Lawrence Marinelli CA
Mr. David P Marion Task Force Smith, 21st Inf Regt and 24th Inf Div.
Col. Milton Markowitz FL
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Marks Samuel Salazar
Mr. James B Marshall FL
Mr. Norman J Marshank CA
CMSgt Vincent Martin TN
Mr. Leon Martin CA
Mr. Donald L Martin OK
Mr. Frank A Martin PA
Mr. Donald L Martin Csm Sam Cluck
Mr. Ernesto V Martinez NM
Mr. Nick Martone NV
Mr. Thomas F Martynowski NC
Mr. Michael D Martz NC
Mr. Robert Marx NC
Mr. Jacob C Masar FL
Mr. Earl P Mason FL
Mr. Lawrence Matreci MO
Mr. George T Mattena UT
Mr. Mcgrath Matthew Kenneth R Stoughton
Mr. & Mrs. Roy E Matthews OK
Mr. Harry A Matthews TN
Mr. Jay Mattingly OH
Mr. Paul W Maulfair PA
Major Earl D Maurer TX
Mr. Francis A Mauro NY
Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Mayes TX
Mr. Donald P Maynard TX
Mr. Edward W Mays CA
Ms. Brenda D Mays NC
Mr. C A Mazalouskas MI
TSgt Gerald Mc Cauley IN
Mr. Rod D Mc Donald MI
Mr. Emmett A Mc Nulty VA
Mr. William E Mccabe NH
Mr. Jack L Mccall NY
Mr. Michael Mcclintock IA
Mr. Robert Mccloy VA
Mr. George E Mcclure Jr. George McClure
Mr. George R Mccormack TX
Mr. Edward J Mccormick CT
Mr. Douglas Mccormick Neal W. Mccormick
Dr. Thomas G Mccreless CA
Brig. Gen. William L Mcculloch VA
Mr. James W Mccurry CA
Mr. Charles L Mcelheny OR
Mr. Emmett Mcginty MN
Mr. John S Mcgirt NC
Ms. Lorraine M Mcglynn PA
Ms. Lorraine M Mcglynn John Thomas McGlynn
Mrs. Ronald D McGrew CA
Mrs. Judi Mckay Lt. Col. L. H. Rockwell
Mr & Mrs John Mckenna MD
Mr. Heath Mclendon NJ
Mrs. Billie J Mcmahan CA
Mr. James P Mcmahon NY
Mr. Karl E Mcmanus CA
Mrs. Beatrice L Mcmillan Sgt. Maj. Ceasar Carranza
Mr. John L Mcnamara NY
Mr. Archie Mcneil IA
Col. William L McNichols 1st Lt Roy C. Stroud, Jr. USAF (Korea) and USAAC (WWII)
Mrs. Johanna Meara OH
Mr. Arthur Medeiros WI
Mrs. Richard Meehan PA
Mrs. Jane C Meekins David E. Meekins
Mr. Daniel Mehalko AZ
Mr. John D Meier VA
Mr. Frank J Mekker OH
Mr. Peter T Meletis NC
Col.. Jonathan D Mendes NY
Col. Jonathan D Mendes USMCR Ret Capt Jerry Fink, USMCR p Flying on F44 Corsair he was shot down on July 195
Mr. Clifford D Mercado HI
Capt. Willis J Mercer KS
Mr. Robert P Merchant TX
Ms. Delores Mercugliano CT
Mr. George Mermod SC
Mr. Richard Merriman OH
Mr. & Mrs. Clement P Mesch AZ
Mrs. Dorothy M Messina MA
Mr. George S Messmore George S. Messmore
Mr. Mervyn G Mexico CA
Ms. Stacy Meyn CA
Dr. Edward Michaud MA
Mrs. Michele Michaud Mr E. Richard Michaud
Ms. Kathryn D Michell-Ball CA
Mr. Philip N Michelsen CA
Mrs. Elsie Middleton KS
Mr. Matt Mielke MI
Mr. Antonio Miera CA
Mr. Richard Milazzo IL
Mr. Frank Miles GA
Mr. Stan M Miller CA
Mr. Jerome B Miller CA
Mr. Dwight Miller IA
Mr. Herbert Miller IL
Mr. Donald Miller MD
Mr. Lester Miller NJ
Mr. Gerard Miller OH
Mr. Joel Miller OR
Mr. Richard S Miller PA
Mr. Dewayne A Miller TX
Mr. & Mrs. Richard G Miller Sgt. Richard G. Miller and Cpl. Helen M. Miller
Mr. Bert Milligan CA
Mrs. Angelina Minucci NY
Mr. Victor Miranda CA
Mr. Jerome Mitchell IL
Mr. Robert S Miyasato HI
Mrs. Judith M Molinari Lt. Col. Bruce O. Ihlenfeldt
Mr. John A Moma Glen K. Trulock and Roger L. Uhll
Ms. Gloria P Montesclaros TX
PNC Edwin E Montgomery FL
Dr. Charles W Moore NC
Mr. Albert Moore IL
Mr. Robert C Moore PA
Mrs. Barbara Moore Col. Harry Lee Moore Usa
Mrs. Arliss Moreland Charles W. Emley
Mr. Jack A Moreman TX
Mr. Lew D Morrison FL
Mr. Paul F Morrison OH
Mr. David Morse David Morse
Mr. Bruce Morton CA
Mr. James L Morton OK
Mr. Lawrence Moses NY
Mr. Ben Motoyama CA
Mr. William F Moul NJ
Mr. Kenneth Moy OR
Mr. John Mozgai NJ
Mr. Robert E Mueller IL
Mr. Robert D Mueller WA
Mr. Jack Mulach OH
Mr & Mrs Stewart Muller AZ
Mr & Mrs Thomas Mullett SC
Ms. Megan Mullican MS
Mr & Mrs Keith E Muncy ND
Mr. Wayne J Munsch LA
Mr. Lino Murillo CA
Lt. Col. Edmund P Murphy CO
Mr. Ralph A Murphy GA
Mr. Arthur W Murphy MA
Mr. William J Murray CA
Mr. James J Muskopf Sgt. John F. Muskopf, Jr. 1st Marine Division
Mr. Ralph Mussehl OH
Mr. Donald F Muszynski CT
Mrs. Mary A Myer IL
Mr. Bruce J Myers WA
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W Naar NY
Mr. Thomas W Naar Grover Murray
Ms. Sue Nagamoto CO
Ms. Sue Nagamoto Thomas Nagamoto
Mr. Ernst Nagel PA
Mr. John R Nagle LA
Mrs. Edith R Nagle MI
Mr. Pedro Najera AZ
Mr. Ralph Natalizio CT
Mr. James J Nau CA
Mr. George S Naum NH
Mr. Daniel Navarro CA
Mrs. Frances Navratil AZ
Dr. Dee Nazzaro WV
Mr. James Neary CA
Ms. Helen Cates Neary TX
Mrs. James Neely M/Sgt. James O. Neely, a Cottonbaler
Cpl. Ted Negri AZ
Lt. Col. Frank D Neill AK
Mr. James T Nelson Wayne Cartwright
Mr. Kenneth J Nemec IL
Mr. Leslie B Nesbitt CA
Mr. Nick J Newkirk MO
Mr. Robert W Newman, Sr. OR
MMC Russell B Nichols NJ
SFC Alton Nini TX
Mr & Mrs Danny Nix CA
Ms. Marjorie Nolen AL
Ms. Marjorie Nolen Linton Nolen
Mr. Joseph F Noonan NJ
Mr. Alfred E Norwicke PA
Mr. Terrence S Norwood Jr Terrence S. Norwood Sr.
Col. Suellyn W Novak AK
Ms. Carol J Numrich CA
Mr. Maynard Nuss AK
Mr. Kenneth Nye OH
Mr. James Nygaard MN
Mr. Donald Nyquist IL
Mr. & Mrs. John O O Haight MN
Mrs. Susan Y Oas WA
Mr & Mrs David G Oates Walter E Krumrei - served in WWII and Korea
Mr. Robert Obermiller MN
Mr. Richard C. O'Connell MD
Dr. King Odell RI
Mr. Jai Y Oh Dorothy Oh
Ms. Kristen M O'Hare TX
Mr. Sheldon Ohren NY
Miss Moon Ok Kim NC
Ms. Margaret E O'Kelley George A O'Kelley
Mr. Richard M Oleary MA
Mr. Joseph O'Leary James O'Leary and Cornelius O'Leary
Mr. John T Oliver IN
Mr. Calvin Oliver MO
Mr. Robert Olsen VT
Mr & Mrs Michael O'Mahony NJ
Ms. Susanne O'Malley NM
Mr. James O'Meara NY
Mr. Harry Ordemann NY
Mr. Ronald Orr NY
Ms. Joyce Ortez CA
Mr. Henry Ostrowski PA
Lt. Col. Donald L Overfield OH
Mr. John K Owens MS
Mr. Edwin C Oyer VA
Mr. Carl Oyung CA
Mr. Guy Pace FL
Mr. James Pace UT
Ms. M. N Page NJ
Mrs. James S Painter AL James Stroud Painter
Mr. Thomas Paknik WV
LTC John Palmer CA
Mr. Louis Palumbo FL
Mrs. Leona Panet FL
Mr. John Paolo NJ
Mr. Kamlesh Parekh MI
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A Pariseau MA
Ms. Antoinette Parisi CT
Mr. Jerald Park TX
Mr. Young Park IL
LTC Richard Parker NV
Ms. Ruby Parmer CA
Mr. Richard Parrish IL
Mrs. Michelle G Parrish NY
Mr. Dewey Parrott CO
Mr. Robert G Pasquill AL
Mr. & Mrs. Tom H Passingham MI
Mr. Robert A Pastella CA
Mr. Richard H Patnaude RI
Mr. Robert S Patterson KS
Mr. James Patterson TX
Mr. James N Patterson TX
Mr. Robert S Patterson Robert L Patterson
Mrs. Lila M Patterson Jr. Jim Patterson
Mr. Frank A Paturzo VT
Mr. Ronald Payne NC
Ms. Priscilla J Peabody Dora(Moody) Barnum 1st Lt. ANC, Korean War
Ms. Charlotte Pearn KY
Mr. Wayne O Pearson NV
Mr. Richard Peck RI
Mr. Richard Peck Frank E. Peck, Jr.
Mr. Robert Pelc NY
Ms. Muriel Pelham AZ
Mr. Harry J Pellegrini PA
Lt. Col. Vincent T Pellegrino CT
Mr. John Pellerin NH
Mr. David J Pence NY
Mr. Lee D Pennington TX
Mr. John M Perault NJ
Mr. John H Pere LA
Mr. Paul Perez NY
Mr. Gerald C Perkins TX
Mr. Robert O Peronto WI
Mr. Robert D Perry MD
Ms. Joanne Perry AZ
Mr. Mark Peterson MN
Mr. Merle J Peterson MN
Ms. Maureen Peterson FL
Mr. David Peterson John Milton Peterson Jr.
Mrs. Peggie Peterson-Pazzi Ernest C Pazzi
Mr. Ernest H Pettis Ernest H. Pettis
Ms. Beatrice E Philips Lloyd F. Philips
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Phillips CA
Mr. Bobbie J Phillips GA
Mr. Robert E Phillips LA
Mr. David Phillips NC
Mr. Tom P Phillips NC
Mr. Fite Phillips Fite R. Phillips
Mrs. Ann L Phoenix TN
Ms. Patricia Piccolo PFC Vincent J. Piccolo
Cpl. Rudolph R Pickell CA
Mr. Richard O Pickering CA
Mr. Bob Pickle CA
Mr. Howard J Pierson CA
Mr. Charles Pike NH
Ms. Joann Pintz WI
Mr. Stanley Piorkowski PA
Mrs. Burrell R Piret IN
Ms. Eleanor R Plahn IN
Ms. Eleanor R Plahn Hank Plahn Jr.
Mrs. Patricia Plante Robert H. Plante and Bob Gann
Mr. Vernon Plowman, Jr. Ernest Ciampa
Mr. Thomas Plunkett Thomas Plunkett
Ms. Marie Poindexter MS
Mr. William Pollak P.F.C. Bruce F. Mrha Usmc
Mr. Lloyd C Pond NM
Mr. Harvey L Poole NC
Mr. Alexander Popaduke NY
Mr. Roy E Portelli NY
Mr. Robert P Porter MN
Mr. Michael Porubsky NJ
Mrs. Dorothy M Postlewait ID
Mr. Phillip Potter MD
Col. Arthur F Pottle FL
Mr. John Poulos TX
Mr. John Poulos Alex Zaremba
Dr. Arthur J Prange NC
Mr. Paul Prekop WI
Mr. Evans E Presley NY
Mr. & Mrs. Glen E Price FL
Mr. Morris N Price AL
Mr. Val Price IL
Mr. Carmine Prinzo FL
Mr. Carmine Prinzo John Mooney
Mr. Robert U Prostine IA
Mr. Charles S Provenza FL
CWO4 Russell G Ptacek NV
Mr. Robert R Pugh KS
Mr. John R Putanko PA
Mr. Roderick C Quainton FL
Mr. Malcolm Quick Ewell R. Quick
Sgt. Travis J Raab TX
Mr. Richard Rabas WI
Mr. Alex Rachal FL
Mr. Harold Radford NY
Mr. Paul C Rame MA
CMSgt. & Mrs. Warren N Ramsey IL
Mr. Dennis Rangel IL
Mr. Thomas Rasmussen WA
Ms. Juanita Ratley MO
Mr. Louis A Ratliff GA
Ms. Virginia M Rauer Robert W. Hepler
Mr. William B Ravenell PA
Dr. David N Reams FL
Ms. Joan H Recor VA
Mr. Dennis E Reddy MA
Mr. Vernon Reedy Vernon Ward Tassey
Mr. Arthur Reid Wilford A Jaussoaud and Daniel J Ballen
Mr. John Reilly NY
Mrs. Verine Reimann ND
Mrs. Barbara A Reinen NJ
Mr. Donald Reischel IL
Ms. Lorraine Reiser Paul Silverman
Mr. Lawrence Reising IL
Mr. Don Remington IL
Mr. Richard Reser OH
Ms. Marilyn Retza Mgysgt Nicholas J Retza, Jr.
Mr. Norman J Rexing Norman J. Rexing
Mr. & Mrs. Alfredo Reza MD
Mr. Brian Rheinhardt CA
Mr. Skip W Rhodes CA
Mr. Norman D Rice ND
Ms. Alma Rice MO
Mr. Bruce Richard MN
Mr. Bruce J Richer FL
Ms. Sharon Richins NM
Mr. Winslow T Richmond NJ
Mr. Robert F Ricordati T/Sgt. Robert F. Ricordati
Mr. Al Rimbey CA
Mr. Robert E Rinehart IL
Mr. Carl E Ring, Jr. NJ
Mr. Frank P Ritchie TN
Mr. Charles Rivera MD
Mr. Charles L Robbins MD
Mr. Edward L Roberts OH
Mr. Calvin Roberts TX
Ms. Linda M Roberts NJ
Mr. John B Robertson Andrew J. Robertson
Mr. Guy D Robinson TX
Mr. James Robinson WV
Mr. James W Robirds CO
Mr. Patrick Robitaille MA
Mr. Leland H Roblee NC
Mr. Manuel Rocha NJ
Mrs. Phyllis Roche CA Commander John W Roche Naval Aviator
Mr. John T Roda Robert D. Dever
Mr. Michael Rodack NY
Mr. Ruben Rodriguez CO
Mr. Frederick Rogalske MI
Mr. Leslie Rogers AZ
Mrs. Ann Rohlfing MO
Mr. Robert Roland FL
Mr. Bernard Y Rolf Jr. KY
Mr. Alexander W Romanenko NY
Mr. Ernest Romero CO
Mr. James L Rooney IL
TSgt. William B Rooney NH
Mrs. Florence L Rooney Fellow Korean War Veterans
Mrs. Wayne Roper AL
LCDR Frank Rose WA
Capt. Kermit E Rosenthal CA
Maj. James W Ross KS
Mr. Gerald E Ross IA
MGySgt Allen R Roth CA
Mr. Richard S Roth NJ
Ms. Nancy J Roth CA
Mr. Harold Rothman FL
Mr. Robert A Rounds MI
Mrs. Mary Lou B Rowan William B Rowan
Mr. Thomas Rowe Lynch CA
Mr. Robert H Rowley NV
Mr. Carl W Royer PA
Mr. Peter C Rubino FL
Mr. Stanley R Rudd FL
Mr. Paul Runkel Paul A. Runkel
Mr. Gary Rupnik PA
Mr. William Russell TX
Mr. Edward M Ruth KY
Mr. Patrick J Ryan NJ
Ms. Diane Ryel NJ
Lt. Col. Glen L Ryland CA
Mr. Angelo L Sacchetti MN
Maj. A Sachs VA
Sgt. L. N Sadler MO
Mr. John W Saley CT
Pastor Robert H Salge CA
Mr. George E Saltus CO
Mr. Walter W Salvi MA
Mr. Eugene San Filippo MO
Mr. Ray Sanchez TX
Ms. Hazel C Sanders Donald J. Hendrix
Mr. Roger Sanna NY
Mr. Ervin Perez Santiago PR
Mr. Joseph J Santoleri Sgt. Emidio Santoleri
Mr. Arthur G Santoni PA
Mr. Anthony G Santora NJ
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Sarnecky MI
Mr. Dennis Sartini Leslie "Scoop" Dixon
Mr. Herbert Savage, Sr. Col. Herbert R. Savage, Sr.
Mr. Peter Savago NY
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne L Savio FL
Mr. Henry S Saylor PA
Mr. Patrick R Sbarra NJ
Ms. Marguerite Scaletta MA
Mr. Frank J Scalzo NY
Mr. Ira V Schafer Ira V Schafer
Mr. John Schave MI
Mr. Calvin R Schick Calvin R. Schick
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A Schild Bob Hofsas, "Jim" Koker, Ted Anbuhl, Henry Judy
Mr. Walter H Schley Charles Nordhausen
Mr. Waldemar F Schlosberg NY
Mr. John Schmidt MI
Mr. Roger W Schmitt FL
Lt. Richard S Schmitz USNR Ret FL
Mr. Gene Schneider IA
Mr. Stephen R Schneider Stephen R. Schneider
Mr. Bruce Schnur NY
Mrs. Marie Schooler CA
Mr. James Schooler Ralph Messick
Mr. John Schouten CA
Mrs. Joan Schraml OH
Mr. R Ray Schramm CO
Mr. Joseph R Schreiner WA Glenn Anthony Schreiner
Mr. Albert L Schrenk AL
Mr. & Mrs. Pat & Meg Schroeder Arthur Paul Schroeder
Mr. George J Schryver Donald J. Schryver
Mr. Duane R Schuldt IA
Mr. John D Schuldt IA
Mr. Wallace G Schulein NY
Mr. Bernard Schuler MD
Ms. Barbara J Schuler GA George A. Schuler
Ms. Mary E Schuman IN
Mr. Carl P Schwab IL
Mr. Frank Schwab PA
Mr & Mrs George Schwetz MO
Mr. Joseph Sciame NY
Mr. Vincent J Scorsone NY
Mr. William L Scott SD
RAdm. Jud Scott CA
Mrs. Loretta Seabrook OK
Mr. Ernest V Seaholes MA
Mr. Amos C Seal VA
Mr. William J Sebnick SC
Mr. James Seeba MN
Mr. Richard E Sefton IL
Mr. Louis D Segal CA
Mr. Randolph K Seidens WI
Mrs. Paula Sell PA
Mr. Theodore Sellarole DE
Mr. Lloyd G Sellers NY
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn T Seney Irvin Seney
Dr. Ennio Senia TX
Mr. John Senty WI
Col. Peter H Sera USMC AZ
Mr. Michael M Serikaku HI
Mr. Gregory Serratore IL
Mr. David Serri OH Demiico Serri
Mr. Jack W Setser TN
Mr. Gene R Setula CA
Mrs. David E Shank PA
Mr. Donald W Sharon NJ
Mr. Robert Sharp NJ
Mr. John I Sharp VA
Mrs. Young S Sharp OK
Mr. Roy Shaver WI
Ms. Joan Shaver FL
Mr. Richard D Shaw WA
Mrs. Nona Shearer James E Shearer
Ms. Claire E Sheehan CA
Mr. John L Shelton IL
Mr. Robert Shields CA
Mr. David M Shiple SC
Mr. Ted R Shively FL
Lt. Col. Michael J Shopa FL
Mrs. Sue Shore Ltc Elmer D. Spence
Mr. Richard G Shover GA
Cmdr. Richard M Shrewsbury CA
Mr. Billy Shults FL
Ms. Patricia Shultz OH
Ms. Mary L Shumway Buck Sargent
Ms. Doris Shuskus CT
Mr. John Shybut NE
Mr. Alex Sicre CA
Mr. Walter E Sienko PA
Mr & Mrs Leon Sikes FL
Mr. John W Sill, Jr. MI
Mr & Mrs Nelson Silva NV
Mr. Ronald M Silver OH
Ms. Elida Silver FL
Mr. Ronald G Simmers PA
Mrs. Edmund Simon MI
Mr & Mrs Vincent Simonetti NJ
Mr. Joseph Sincavage CT
Mr. Michael Sinto NY
Mr. James E Skellion Sgt. Benny T. Williams
TSgt Gordon R Skerritt MO
Mrs. John R Skok CT
Mr. Willard Slade KY
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Slatin Alfred J. Zacher
Mr. Don F Slattery Donald Francis Slattery Sr.
Ms. Nancy Smerdon DE
Ms. Nancy Smerdon Ronald A Smerdon Pnc USN Ret.
Lt. Robert W Smiley TX
Mr. Charles W Smith VA
Dr. Jack Smith TX
Gen. Thomas G Smith TX
Mr. H Blake Smith CA
Mr. J R Smith FL
Mr. David D Smith GA
Mr. James Rosser Smith GA
Mr. Ernest L Smith KS
Mr. Jesse P Smith MD
Mr. Henley Smith MI
Mr. Harry E Smith NC
Mr. Alfred Smith NY
Mrs. Norma Z Smith MD
Mrs. G. G Smith NC
Ms. Elsie L Smith WA
Ms. Barbara A Smith PFC Edward Joseph Backer, USMC
Mr. James K Smith James J. Smith and Carl O. Smith
Mr. Robert A Smith Any U.S. Navy (Sailor)
Mr. Al Smith Edward V. Smith
Mr. Ken Smullen Jack Mullin
Mr. Donald R Snoad SC
Mr. John Snyder CA
Mr. Louis P Snyder Raymond Fleinek
Mr. Leonard E Sojka FL
Mr. Leonard E Sojka Joseph Donald Sojka
Mr. Bahram Solhjou TX
Ms. Olga Solovey MI
Mr. Duane G Sonneborn John Martino
Ms. Ida Sorscher MI
Mr. Terrance L Souder OH
Mr. John M Spangenberg OR
Mr. David H Sparks CA
Mrs. Maxine Spates TX Clifford A Parker, US Army, MIA-Korea
Mr. Ronald Speed MA
Ms. Patricia Spencer NM
Ms. Leeza Spiegl Cpl. George Chaix
Mr. William Spieth GA
Mr. Martin I Spindel NJ
Mr. Delbert H Spinney ME
Mr. John L Spratte CO
Mr. Keith A Springer KS
Mr. Desmond Stafford James P Graham
Mr. Bernard Stahl NY
Capt. Theodore J Stamos MN
Ms. Treva Stamps KS
Capt. Richard M Stanley CA
Mr. James Stark NY
Mr. Anthony J Stavale CA
Mr. Russell Stearns NH
Ms. Ellen Steele CO
Mr. Paul Steen
Mr. Melvin Stein NY
GM2 Bert A Steinborn IL
Mrs. F. J Stem Wythe M Peyton
Mr. Dwyer Stephen Charles S. P. Dwyer Jr.
Ms. Therese Steppel MN
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Stern MI
Ms. Marlene Stern PA
Mr. Robert J Stevens MA
Mr. Robert A Stevenson WA
Mr. Daniel L Stewart CA
Mrs. Nancy L Stewart PA
Mr. James Stinchcomb, Korean War Veteran
Mr. Merle G Stine Merle G. Stine
Mr. Daniel F Stoffler CO
Mr. Robert Stolarik FL
Mr. John W Stone IL
Mr. Richard Stratton, USNR OR
Ms. Irene Strausberg NJ
Mr. David Strayer IA
Mr. Ronald L Strelow FL
Mr. Ernest A Strobel TX
Sgt. William C Strub NY
Mr. James D Stuart PA
Mr. Daryl Stuhr IL
Mr. David T Styles CA
Mr. Earl W Suhrbier MN
Mr. John R Sunbury CT
Mr. Jack Supplee PA
Mr. Henderson Supplee PA
Mr. James F Sutton KY
Cpl. Willard J Sutton USA Vet FL
Mr. Norman K Suzuki CA
Dr. David Swanson FL
Mr. Robert Swartz AZ
Ms. Harriet Sweetser TN
Mrs. Dorothy M Swift PA
Mr. John Swihart Jr OK
Mr. Christopher L Swindell FL
Mr. Anthony Sylvester FL
Mrs. Bernice Szymanski SD
Mr. Dominick A Taddonio MI
Mr. Ralph Takakjian CA
Mr. Gene Tanasi CT
Mr. Al Tanner CA
Mr. Ray Tanner MO
Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Tarnofsky FL
LTC Stephen R. Taylor CA
Mr. J. L Taylor MA
Mr. Frank J Teffer IA
Mr. Robert A Terraforte NY
Mr. Robert F Thayer UT
Mr. Craig Theros George Theros
Mr. Thomas R Thiebaut VA
Mr. Thomas Thomaides NY
Mr. J Donald Thomann MD
Dr. Mack Thomas LA
Mr. Richard M Thomas MO
Ms. Jacqueline Thomas FL
Ms. Martha Thomas NC
Ms. Jacqueline Thomas Paul Bryd
Ms. Martha Thomas M.Brady Thomas Jr.
Mr. Westley Thomas USMC
Mr & Mrs David Thompson MI
Mr. John Thompson MD
Ms. Renee Thoms OR
Mr. Robert M Thomsen CT
Mr. Richard C Thrasher USN Ret MS
Mr. Ray Thrift GA
Ms. Sue Thue CA
Mr. Samuel Robert Thurman FL
Mrs. Jacqueline P Tillman AL
Mr. Craig R Tillman Ottis King
Ms. Maxine Tillotson VA
Major Richard W Tinucci CA
Mr. John Todd MN
Mr. Delmer L Toebben NE
Mr. Seiko Tokuda CA
Mr. Seiko Tokuda Seiyu Tokuda
Mrs. M Dorothy Tolles Lt. Edward L Tolles, Korean War Vet, Navy
Mr. Wilson A Tom Tom A Wilson
Col. Wm H Tomlinson Hugh Pat Tomlinson
Mr. Charles T Toomey MA
Mr. Duane E Tornes MO
Mr. Donald J Toth CA
Mrs. Phyllis Totten WV
Mr. Loren J Totusek WA
Mrs. Joan B Tower CT
Mr. Robert Tracey MA
Mrs. Bruce Trager CA
Mr. & Mrs. John B Tress MD
Mr. Thomas J Trimble AZ
Mr. John D Troiani PA
Mr. Ed Truitt AZ
Mr. Tobias T Trujillo CA
Mrs. Genevieve Trutor VT
Mr. William H Tschappat MI
Mr. Glenn Tucker WY
Mr. Leo D Turner NM
Mr. William Turney Frank Hamilton Usa
Mr. Arden Twaiten IA
Capt. Bertram A Udovin VA
Ms. Diana R Umile My Husband, Mario Umile
Ms. Janet Umphress MA
Mr. Kenneth Underdown PA
Mr. Howard Unger MD
Mr. Herman E Updike Sr VA
Mr. Ross Urquhart CA
Mr. William Vafakos AR
Dr. L Van Winkle MI
Mr. Clifford S Van Winkle CA
Ms. Shirley Vandermeer WA
Mr. John Vargas CA
Mr. William Vaughn CA
Mr. Bruce T Vealey FL
Mr. William Venberg KY
Mr. Carl F Verbeke GA
Mr. Rudolph L Verdi NJ
Mr. Donald Vesely CA
Mr. Pedro E Villafane FL
Mr. Harry L Violette CA
Mrs. Marguerite R Visochi August J. Visochi
Mr. George M Vlahos IL
Mr. Daniel Voboril WI
Mr. Steven A Volk ND
Mr. John Vollmer NY
Mr. John B Volpe NY
Mr. George H Von Paris MD
CMSgt Joe S Von Rembow USAF OK
Mr. Robert Votava Charles Robert Votava
Ms. Marcia Vroman Harry Regal
Mr. Thomas C Vrtis VA
LCDR Robert G Wagner CA
Mr. John L Wagner IL
Mrs. Shirley C Wagner Sam C. Wagner
Mr. James J Walker NJ
Mr. Carl Wallauch CA
Mr. Harry W Waller Sr PA
Mr. Edwin F Walmer FL
Mr. Howard D Walrath TX
Mr. Edward J Walsh CA
Mr. Robert Walters IN
Mr. Duane Walton MN
Mr. James R Walton VA
Mr. Edward G Walz NY
Dr. H. N Ward KS
Mr. Dean Ward IA
Ms. Kenneth Ward NY
Mr. Steve Ward Donald L. Ross
Mr. James Warnat MA
Mr. Kenneth Warner MI
Mr. Robert L Warnke ND
Mr. Lawrence K Wartell FL
Mr. Robert Wartenbe CA
Mr. Frederick A Washer NY
Mr. Marvin Waters NC
Mr. Robert Watrol OH
Mrs. Maude R Watson MN
Mr. Frank J Way NY
Mr. Willard J Weaver AZ
Mr. Steven Webb UT
Mr. & Mrs. George F Webb George Webb
Mr. James W Webb Pastor Arnold Murray
Mr. & Mrs. John G Weber John P. Weber
Mr. Arnold C Wegher CO
Mr. John J Weidig TX
Mr. George J Weihs NY
Mr. Robert S Weil CA
Mr. Ralph Welch IL
Miss Kathryn J Wells James Emory Wells
Mrs. R. G Wemple CA
Mr. Tony Wendeln Alfred H Wendeln Usn
Mr. Ronald E Wenninger Ronald E. Wenninger
Mrs. Judy Wernicke OH
Ms. Irene West PA
Ms. Carrie L West WI Dr. Dae-Sook Suh
Sgt. Earle R West G4
Mr. Donald Westbrook CO
Ms. Michelle West-Nelson SD
Mr. Barry D Weston CT
Mr. Richard D Westrick Richard Westrick
Mr. William Wheeler, Jr. PA
Mr. Charles J Wheeler, Jr. Charles J. Wheeler, Jr.
Mr. James Whelan CA
Mr. Ray White OK
Col. Daniel A White, USA (Ret) WA
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Whitmire TN
Mr. Robert C Whitten CA
Mr. Vernon Wickstrom CA
Mr. John Wigman WI
Mr. Roger L Wilbrandt DE
Mr. & Mrs. Wilcox UT
Mr. Edward F Wildgans CA
Mr. & Mrs. Donald W Wilki IL
Mr. Benjamin B Wilkins NJ
Mr. Benjamin B Wilkins Platoon Sergeant Joseph Wilkins, Jr. and Willie E. Wilkins
Mr. Gerald J Wilkoff NY
Mr. Raymond R Will MN
Mr. Schoen F William Robert F. Schoen
Dr. Howard H Williams NY
Mr. Clyde A Williams MO
Mr. Richard Williams NY
Mrs. Carole C Williams WV
Ms. Helen L Williams MI
Ms. Ellen K Williams Brig Gen. Walter E Williams Ret.
Ms. Judith Williams Dian "bud" Tennant
Mr. Thomas Williams Thomas Williams
Mr. Wm Robert Williams Gene G. Williams
Mr. Vincent C Willis CA
Mr. Alfred Willis AK
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Wills CO
Mr. Harold L Wilshinsky NY
Col. Kenneth R Wilson MD
Mr. Lee H Wilson TN
Mr. Richard O Wilson TX
MSgt Lindsey Wilson FL
Mr. Russel L Winans MN
Mr. William L Windham CA
Sgt. Maj. William E Winstead (Ret) CA
Mrs. W A Wintter FL
Mr. Kenneth Withrow WV
Mr. Wayne Witmer PA
Mr. Charles R Wittig KS
Mr. Ernest J Wolf TX
Mr. Benjamin F Woo MA
Mr. Robert E Wood ND
Ms. Charlene Wood OH Dick T. Wood
Mr. William L Wood Jr TN
Mr. Royce Wooddell AZ
MSgt Robert B Woodruff MP
Mr. & Mrs. George Wooten NC
Ms. Marjorie Worley PA
Mr. Hood Worthington WA
Lt. Col. Arthur R Wright MD
Mrs. Bunny R Wright Charles W. Christenberry
Mr. Gerald B Wyman SC
Mr. Carl Wyss Sgt. Carl O. Wyss
Mr. Robert G Yamasaki CA
Mrs. Phyllis Yancey VA
Mr. Nicholas T Yannarell VA
Mr. Mark F Yaste KY
Ms. Ursula Ybarra Alex Gonzales
Ms. Helen O Yeoman CA
Mr. & Mrs. N J Yiannias IA
Ms. Kyung S Yoo Douglas McArthur
Mr. Louis F Young CA
Mr. Robert Young CA
Mr. Allen B Zaeske ND
Mr. Anthony L Zane CA
Brig. Gen. Gino S Zangara TX
Mr. Don Zatopek TX Kenneth Popp, USMC
Mr. Scott J Zehner MD
Mr. William J Zeiler CT
Mr. Ronald Zeimet IA
Mr. Robert Zenz CA
Mr. Robert Zenzic CA
Mr. Forrest L Zetterberg PA
Mr. Mike Zevin CA
Mr & Mrs Eugene L Zibrat MD
Po1 Wayne Richard Zimmer IN
Mr. Arthur B Zimmerli VA
Mr. Joseph A Zipley PA
Mr. Fred Zistler OH
Mr. Richard W Zolman CO
Mr & Mrs James Zosel WA
Mr. Anthony J Zuccaro MI
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell H Zwick MI

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