The Medal of Honor is the  highest military honor of the United States.  It was created in 1861 during the American Civil War and is awarded by the President of the United States in the name of Congress to U.S. military personnel only.  Recipients must have distinguished themselves at the risk of their own lives above and beyond the call of duty in action against an enemy of the United States. Due to the nature of this medal, it is often presented posthumously.

There are three versions of the medal, one for the Army, one for the Navy, and one for the Air Force.  Personnel of the Marine Corps and Coast Guard receive the Navy version.

The Medal of Honor is usually presented by the President in a formal ceremony at the White House, intended to represent the gratitude of the American people, with posthumous presentations made to the primary next of kin. In 1990, Congress designated March 25 annually as “National Medal of Honor Day.” Because of its prestige and status, the Medal of Honor is protected under U.S. law against any unauthorized adornment, sale, or manufacture, which includes any associated badge or ribbon.

While all Medal of Honor recipients are recognized for their valor and sacrifice, we specifically pay tribute to those recipients that earned the distinction by their involvement in Korea.

Medal of Honor

First Name Last Name Branch of Service Battle / Campaign
First Name Last Name Branch of Service Battle / Campaign
Charles Abrell U.S. Marine Corps Hangnyong
Stanley Adams U.S. Army Sesim-ni
William Barber U.S. Marine Corps Battle of Chosin Reservoir
Charles Barker U.S. Army Sokkogae
William Baugh U.S. Marine Corps Koto-ri to Hagaru-ri
Edward Benfold U.S. Navy Korea
Emory Bennett U.S. Army Sobangsan
David Bleak U.S. Army Minari-gol
Nelson Brittin U.S. Army Yonggong-ni
Melvin Brown U.S. Army Kasan
Lloyd Burke U.S. Army Chong-dong
Tony Burris U.S. Army Mundung-ni
Hector Cafferata U.S. Marine Corps (Reserve) Battle of Chosin Reservoir
David Champagne U.S. Marine Corps Korea
William Charette U.S. Navy Vegas Hill
Cornelius Charlton U.S. Army Chipo-ri
Stanley Christianson U.S. Marine Corps Seoul
Gilbert Collier U.S. Army Tutayon
John Collier U.S. Army Chindong-ni
Henry Commiskey U.S. Marine Corps Yongdungp'o
Samuel Coursen U.S. Army Kaesong
Gordon Craig U.S. Army Kasan
Jerry Crump U.S. Army Chorwon
Jack Davenport U.S. Marine Corps Songnae-Dong
George Davis U.S. Air Force Sinuiju-Yalu River area
Ray Davis U.S. Marine Corps Hagaru-ri
Richard De Wert U.S. Navy Korea
William Dean U.S. Army Taejon
Reginald Desiderio U.S. Army Ipsok
Duane Dewey U.S. Marine Corps (Reserve) Panmunjon
Carl Dodd U.S. Army Subuk
Ray Duke U.S. Army Mugok
Junior Edwards U.S. Army Changbong-ni
John Essebagger U.S. Army Popsudong
Don Faith U.S. Army Battle of Chosin Reservoir
Fernando García U.S. Marine Corps Korea
Charles George U.S. Army Songnae-dong
Charles Gilliland U.S. Army Tongmang-ni
Edward Gomez U.S. Marine Corps Hill 749
Clair Goodblood U.S. Army Popsu-dong
Ambrosio Guillen U.S. Marine Corps Songuch-on
Francis Hammond U.S. Navy Korea
Lester Hammond U.S. Army Kumwha
Melvin Handrich U.S. Army Sobuk San Mountain
Jack Hanson U.S. Army Pachi-dong
Lee Hartell U.S. Army Kobangsan-ni
Raymond Harvey U.S. Army Taemi-Dong
Frederick Henry U.S. Army Am-Dong
Rodolfo Hernandez U.S. Army Wontong-ni
Thomas Hudner U.S. Navy Battle of Chosin Reservoir
Einar Ingman U.S. Army Maltari
William Jecelin U.S. Army Saga
James Johnson U.S. Marine Corps Yudam-ni
Mack Jordan U.S. Army Kumsong
Anthony Kaho?ohanohano U.S. Army Near Chup'a-ri
Billie Kanell U.S. Army Pyongyang
Loren Kaufman U.S. Army Yongsan
Woodrow Keeble U.S. Army Sangsan-ni
John Kelly U.S. Marine Corps Korea
Jack Kelso U.S. Marine Corps Korea
Robert Kennemore U.S. Marine Corps North of Yudam-ni
John Kilmer U.S. Navy Korea
Noah Knight U.S. Army Kowang-San
John Koelsch U.S. Navy Korea
Ernest Kouma U.S. Army Agok
Edward Krzyzowski U.S. Army Tondul
Darwin Kyle U.S. Army Kamil-ni
Hubert Lee U.S. Army Ip-ori
George Libby U.S. Army Taejon
Herbert Littleton U.S. Marine Corps (Reserve) Chungchon
Charles Long U.S. Army Hoengseong
Baldomero Lopez U.S. Marine Corps Battle of Inchon
Charles Loring U.S. Air Force Sniper Ridge
William Lyell U.S. Army Chup'a-ri
Benito Martinez U.S. Army Satae-ri
Daniel Matthews U.S. Marine Corps Vegas Hill
Frederick Mausert U.S. Marine Corps Songnap-yong
Robert McGovern U.S. Army Kamyangjan-ni
Alford McLaughlin U.S. Marine Corps Korea
Leroy Mendonca U.S. Army Chich-on
Lewis Millett U.S. Army Soam-Ni
Frank Mitchell U.S. Marine Corps Hansan-ni
Hiroshi Miyamura U.S. Army Taejon-ni
Ola Mize U.S. Army Surang-ni
Walter Monegan U.S. Marine Corps Sosa-ri
Whitt Moreland U.S. Marine Corps (Reserve) Kwagch'i-Dong
Donald Moyer U.S. Army Seoul
Raymond Murphy U.S. Marine Corps (Reserve) Korea
Reginald Myers U.S. Marine Corps Hagaru-ri
Eugene Obregon U.S. Marine Corps Seoul
George O'Brien U.S. Marine Corps (Reserve) Korea
Joseph Ouellette U.S. Army Yongsan
Charles Pendleton U.S. Army Choo Gung-Dong
Lee Phillips U.S. Marine Corps Korea
Herbert Pililaau U.S. Army Pia-ri
John Pittman U.S. Army Kujangdong
Ralph Pomeroy U.S. Army Kumhwa
Donn Porter U.S. Army Mundung-ni Korea
James Poynter U.S. Marine Corps (Reserve) Sudong
George Ramer U.S. Marine Corps (Reserve) Korea
Mitchell Red Cloud U.S. Army Chonghyon
Robert Reem U.S. Marine Corps Chinhung-ni
Joseph Rodriguez U.S. Army Munye-ri
Ronald Rosser U.S. Army Ponggilli
Tibor Rubin U.S. Army Korea
Daniel Schoonover U.S. Army Sokkogae
Edward Schowalter U.S. Army Kumhwa
Louis Sebille U.S. Air Force Hanchang
Richard Shea U.S. Army Sokkogae
William Shuck U.S. Marine Corps Korea
Robert Simanek U.S. Marine Corps Korea
William Sitman U.S. Army Chipyong-ni
Carl Sitter U.S. Marine Corps Hagaru-ri
Sherrod Skinner U.S. Marine Corps (Reserve) Korea
David Smith U.S. Army Yongsan
Clifton Speicher U.S. Army Minarigol
James Stone U.S. Army Sokkogae
Luther Story U.S. Army Agok
Jerome Sudut U.S. Army Kumhwa
Henry Svehla U.S. Army Korea
William Thompson U.S. Army Haman
Charles Turner U.S. Army Yongsan
John U. U.S. Army Battle of Chosin Reservoir
Archie Van Winkle U.S. Marine Corps (Reserve) Sudong
Joseph Vittori U.S. Marine Corps (Reserve) Hill 749
John Walmsley U.S. Air Force Yangdok
Lewis Watkins U.S. Marine Corps Korea
Travis Watkins U.S. Army Yongsan
Ernest West U.S. Army Sataeri
Benjamin Wilson U.S. Army Hwach'on-Myon
Harold Wilson U.S. Marine Corps (Reserve) Korea
Richard Wilson U.S. Army Opari
William Windrich U.S. Marine Corps Yudam-ni
Bryant Womack U.S. Army Sokso-ri
Robert Young U.S. Army North of Kaesong

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