Our Mission

The Korean War National Museum, Library, and Cultural Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization. The Museum carries the designation as our nation’s “National Museum” for the Korean War to honor the men and women from throughout the world who served.

EDUCATE our citizens and future generations of the service, sacrifices, and great contributions of those who fought in Korea

HONOR all the Veterans of the Korean War

PRESERVE the legacy and history of the Korean War through exhibits, collections, programs, and educational outreach

CELEBRATE the “Forgotten War” and the amazing growth and stability of the dynamic democracy in South Korea today

This international and historic project will be a vibrant and constantly-evolving tribute to the 1-million Koreans and 33,686 American service members who lost their lives in the Korean War. It will be a place for generations to learn and be inspired by an unparalleled example in history of what can be accomplished when freedom and democracy are given the opportunity to flourish.

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