Upcoming Events

During the course of the year the KWNM will hold events at the Museum.

Our organization will communicate any events in advance and welcome you, your family, friends, and co-workers to participate to honor the Veterans.

Speaker Series

Since the Korean War Armistice more than 60 years ago, the transformation of South Korea has been remarkable. A beacon of freedom and democracy in northeast Asia, South Korea has also become a global business leader with its three largest companies, Samsung, LG, and Hyundai, in the Fortune Global 500.  The Korean conflict and attempts at resolution are still relevant today. The Museum’s speaker series features Veterans, scholars, and others from “The Forgotten War” to share memories and experiences, insights and perspectives, and to answer questions.

All events are scheduled for 2pm at the Denis J. Healy Freedom Center/Korean War National Museum in Springfield unless noted otherwise.

Please note: speakers subject to change.  Additional events to be announced.

2017 Speaker Series

Plans are underway for this year’s Speaker Series.  

June 17        Darin Miller–Gun Show-and-Tell

We welcome back Darin Miller, who will discuss the various weapons the soldiers would have been equipped with on the battlefields of Korea. The display and presentation includes M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, M1911 pistol, grenades, and more. Guests will have a chance to hold some of the demilitarized pieces talked about following the presentation.

Darin Miller volunteers as a living historian at the Illinois State Military Museum and sits on the Illinois National Guard & Militia Historical Society board of directors. He also belongs to the Historic Reenactment Society based in Chicago and is a member of the 82nd Airborne 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment Reenactment group. He’s traveled throughout the country attending various World War II living history events honoring the memory of veterans.  He has a Master’s Degree in History from the University of Illinois at Springfield.

​Information on other events coming soon.  Mark your calendar for July 15 and August 12.  Details to come.

Past Events

2016 Speaker Series

April 16          Robert Crowley, PhD/Don Vonnahme/Jerry Carlson–Life of a Citizen Soldier
 May 21          Tom Jones–History of Combat & Medical Support
 June 25         Frank Farrell–Forgotten Soldiers from Our Forgotten War
 July 23          Dr. Bonnie Oh–American Occupation of South Korea
August 27     Dr. Edmund Wehrle–America’s “Forgotten War” and American “Longest War”: How the Korean War Haunted the Vietnam War

2015 Speaker Series

March 28          Maija Rhee DevineComfort Women of WWII with Focus on the Korean Comfort Women
April 25             Dr. Jinhee Lee–Women’s Experience of the Korean War
May 23              Bonnie Oh–Forgotten Soldiers of the Forgotten War
June 20             Darin Miller–Gun Show-and-Tell
July 25             Barth Bookhout–Racial Integration
November 7   Judge Richard Mills/ LTC Bernie Goulet, Army (RET)–Veterans’ Day Event

2014 Speaker Series

April 26                              Jinhee Lee, Ph.D.
May 24                                Edmund Wehrle, Ph.D.
June 28                              Cecilia Cornell, Ph.D.
July 24-12noon              Michael J. Devine Ph.D. and Re-Introduction of KWNM
August 9 – 2pm               Movie:  Chosin
August 16 – 2pm            Movie:  Finnegan’s War
August 16-5pm              Movie:  The Forgotten War: 1950-1953
November 8-2pm          D. Richard Teike
November 8-3pm          Floyd Cooper, Marine (Retired)

2013 Speaker Series

March 23                           Jerry Seymour, Army (Retired)
April 27                             David Shulke, Navy (Retired)
May 25                               John E. Seitz, USMCR (Retired)
June 22                             Maija Rhee Devine
August 29                         Edmund Wehrle Ph.D.
September 14                  Floyd Cooper, Marine (Retired)

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