Forrest Goetschius

  • Rank During: Lieutenant (LT)
  • U.S. Navy
  • United States
  • Fighter Squadron 871
  • VF8 71 / ATG 2
  • USS Essex (CV9)

Capt F.D.”Gooch” Goetschius. Ensign ,J.G,Lt. Fighter Pilot,Flying F4 U Corsairs off USS Essex. Flew strike flights interdiction,Recce, Combat AirPatrol,Air Rescue Support in North Korea.Later,Instructed in basic and advanced flight training,surved on JCS and CincPac Joint Staff,Commanded 3 air squard,New Orleans Navel Support Activity and USS Wasp CVS 18. Served on several other shore and sea activities. Retired 06 with 37 yrs,7 mos active duty.Founding member and contributor to Korean War National Museum.

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